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In addition to funeral supplies such as flag cases, funeral apparel, and prep room supplies, Cooper Caskets & Funeral Supplies offers a variety of caskets including metal, cloth covered, and wood. Also select from interior and exterior casket adornments to help personalize your selection. more >

About Cooper Caskets & Funeral Supplies

Cooper Caskets & Funeral Supplies (formerly P&J Cooper Supply) was founded in 1991. Cooper Caskets & Funeral Supplies offers funeral supplies, including funeral apparel, flag cases, caskets, plastic goods, and more to funeral homes around the United States.  We offer Quality Products with Quality Service Guaranteed. Cooper Caskets & Funeral Supplies offers free, same day delivery and/or second day delivery.







Cooper Vault

Cooper Vault Company offers burial products and services to 11 counties in New Jersey, 4 counties in Pennsylvania, 3 counties in Delaware, 9 counties in Maryland, and 1 county in Virginia, catering to the needs of families through funeral home professionals. Products include burial vaults and cremation urns, as well as keepsakes, memorialization, and mementos. In addition to burial personalization options, Cooper Vault Company offers services for set up, tent, chairs, grave digging, and relocation/transfer.

Cooper Monument

Cooper Monument Company offers burial monuments including bronze plaques and grave markers and granite headstones and markers. Cooper Monument has been assisting families through many NJ cemeteries since 1979 providing meaningul grave markers and headstones as a celebration of life.